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Two common types of air miles credit card.
There are two common types of air miles credit card in the market.
Co-branded air miles card is a partnership between a credit card issuer and an airline company. This type of card nomally ties you up with the specific airline frequent flyer miles program.
You will then earn miles with the card purchases which can be used for flight with the airline company. Other flight related benefits and privileges such as complimentary access to airport lounge, may also be extended to cardholders.
This type of co-branded card is suitable for people who is loyal and fly frequently with a particular airline or have a preference towards the airline company.
Alternatively, you can choose a general airline miles card issued by solely the credit card issuer. With the card purchases, you'll be able to accumulate miles which can be redeem for travel of your choice.
Aside from freedom to choose the airline you wish to fly with, cardholders can also redeem the miles for other travel rewards exclusively offered by the card issuer. This type of airmiles card is suitable for those who do not want their flight to be restricted to an airline company.

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Should you pay an annual fee for an air miles credit card?

You've the choice of either an airmiles card with no an annual fee or one with a fee. Airmiles credit cards with an annual fee normally offers cardholders a faster way to accelerate their miles accumulation.

The bonus miles awarded and miles per dollar earned on card purchases are normally double of what you can get from a no annual fee airline miles credit card.

If you fly extensively and use your card purchases agressively, a card with an annual could be a better route for large amount of miles accumulation.

However, if you fly less frequently, you can still accumulate some useful miles with your card purchases, which can lead you to a free travel or holiday every year.

Pay your balances in full every month
A travel reward card normally comes with a higher interest rate on purchases. As such, it may be wiser to get a low interest credit card if you wish to carry a balance on your card.

To take advantage and enjoy the maximum benefits of an airline miles credit card, it is in the best of your interest not to carry any balance on your card. By paying your balances in full every month, you could avoid the hefty interest charges or possible debt accumulation.

Last but not least, carefully read the fine prints plus terms and conditions before you apply. It is common for the airmile rewards to be accompanied by a set of rules and exceptions.

Always try to get a card with miles that never expire and with no cap on the miles you can earn per year. The ability to travel anytime with no blackout dates or seating restrictions is equally important as well. All these advantages will help you to get the most out of the card and ensure they work in favors of the cardholders. - Best Frequent Flyer Credit Card with Airline Miles

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