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Fixed vs Variable Interest Rate
With the recent financial crisis and new credit card act, credit card issuers are changing their credit card from a fixed rated to a variable interest rate.

A variable interest rate credit card is based on Prime Rate plus a percentage pre-determined by the credit card issuer. As such, the interest rates may vary monthly based on the Prime Rate(which normally based on in the Money Rates column published in The Wall Street Journal). If the Prime Rate increases, then your interest rate will increase accordingly.

The variable rates normally applies to purchases, balance transfers, cash advances and convenience checks, if any.
Nonetheless, you are still able to find a decent low interest rate card in the market at the moment since the Prime Rate is reasonable.

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Regular vs. Rewards Credit Card

It is common for a rewards credit card to have a higher interest rate than a regular credit card. As such, it is advisable to get a regular credit card if you plan to carry balances with your card in order to enjoy lower interest rate.

At times, you may find a rewards card in the US offering an equally competitive interest rates if compares to a regular credit card.

However, the most important factor in getting a low interest rate is your credit scores and ratings. Credit card issuer is adopting a multi-tier interest rates according to cardholders credit history. Those with excellent credit history will get a lower interest rate than those with lower credit ratings.

Carrying balances on your card
It is best practice to pay your balances in full every month. However, if you decide to carry balances on your card, a low interest rate is important to minimize the finance charges. And do not miss a payment on your credit card or your credit rating will suffer, aside from being penalized by the issuer with additonal fees and interest rate increases.

Getting a card with 0% introductory offers on your card purchases could save you hundreds of dollars in the short term. To avoid hefty interest charges, it helps to pay off the balances within the given introductory period.

Whatever your decision, make sure the credit card works in your favor. Don't be a slave to money or credit just to keep up with the Joneses.

It is crucial to keep a good credit history especially in the current economy climate. With good credit, you'll get a much better offer for your future lending. In contrast, you may face lending diffculty if you've a bad credit and risk paying a high interest rate to the lender, even if it's available. - Low Interest Credit Card

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