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Annual fee may be a norm soon
The financial crisis and economy climate have hit the credit card issuers hard. Almost all of them are reporting significant losses in the credit card business with high delinquency rate. The recent credit card act does not help them either.

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Regular vs. Rewards Credit Card

Since they are in the business of making profits, it is unavoidable for them to introduce some new measures to cover the projected losses.

One of the fastest and easiest way to generate revenue is imposing a yearly fee to the cardholders. As such, we are predicting credit card annual fee will be making a come back sooner rather than later.

Unlike US and UK, credit card with annual fee is a norm in Europe, Asia and Australia. Even if there is one, the no annual fee credit card in those regions is often stripped to a bare minimum with no rewards and attached with high interest rate.

However, one year waiver on annual fee is more common in those regions. And for waiver of the annual fee second year onwards, cardholders are required to make a minimum card purchases.

It is to your advantage now to get one while it is available. And we foresee the issuers in US and UK will eventually force to adopt the strategy practised by their counterparts in those regions.

Pay your balances in full every month
To ensure the health of your credit, it is favorable to pay your balances in full every month. This will prevent unnecessary spending as well as unforeseen debt accumulation.

Furthermore, by maintaining good and excellent credit, you'll have more credit card offers to choose from. - No Annual Fee Credit Card

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