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At Kapitus, our mission is to empower every business to succeed by providing the best financing options - when and how they are needed.
As a direct lender, we have a large menu of financing products, which allows business owners to choose the right kind of financing that will best suit their needs both now and into the future. From SBA loans, to lines of credit, to equipment financing we’ll help you to understand each financing product and then walk you through the entire application process.

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Let’s get you the financing you need to grow your business. Whether you’re looking to expand, purchase equipment, fulfill an order or stabilize your cash flow, we can get you the right type of financing for your needs.

Our goal is to get every business the financing it needs, when and how it is needed. As a direct lender we have our own vast menu of financing options. But sometimes, we’re not the best option. So, we’ve built a trusted network of lending partners that we work with to get you the financing that fits your business needs. With one application you can save yourself the time, money and stress that comes along with applying to different lenders. You worry about running your business. We’ll take care of the financing.

  • Equipment Financing
    If your business needs new equipment, but you don’t have enough available cash to make the purchase then this is a great option for you. Our equipment financing product allows you to choose between purchasing your new equipment or leasing it with rights to renew. Equipment loans involve regular payments that include both the principal and interest. Equipment leasing is similar to leasing a car where you pay “rent” for use of the equipment over a specified amount of time.
  • Business Loans
    Available for both short- and long-term needs. Our business loans provide you with an agreed upon sum of money that you will pay back over a specified amount of time, with interest. The amount of interest paid and the total overall cost will depend on whether you opt for a short-term loan, which typically has a higher interest rate but a lower overall cost or a long-term loan, which tends to have a lower interest rate but a higher overall cost.
  • Helix
    Helix is a financing product exclusively for the healthcare industry. The economics of running an independent practice have changed extensively over the past couple of years, making it difficult to manage cash flow. The Helix underwriting process, financing length and repayment terms all take into account the new reality of lower insurance premiums and longer wait times for insurance payouts being faced by independent healthcare practices.
  • Revenue Based Financing
    Revenue Based Financing is an up-front sum of cash that is based on a business’s future sales. Though not technically a loan, this is a great option for businesses that need access to cash quickly. Because this is not a loan, there is no APR or compounded interest associated with this product. Instead, borrowers agree to pay a fixed percentage in addition to the amount provided.<
  • Line of Credit
    Similar to a personal credit card, a business line of credit provides you with a line of credit that is accessible for you to use at any time. You only pay interest on the portion of the line that you use, and once paid, funds become available for you to use again. This is a great option for businesses who want to stabilize their cash flow or those who are in need of short-term working capital.
  • SBA Loans
    A small business loan that is partially guaranteed by the U.S. Government’s Small Business Administration, this option is great for businesses with stellar financial and operating histories. Because the government has agreed to back a portion of the loan, the application process is very thorough and can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3+ months. The qualifying requirements are very restrictive, but this is an excellent option with favorable terms if you are able to qualify.
  • Invoice Factoring
    If your cash flow is hurting because you are waiting on invoices to be fulfilled from customers, then this is a great financing option for you. With Invoice Factoring you can receive a lump sum of cash that will keep your business running while you wait on payment of these invoices. With invoice factoring there is no APR or compounded interest, instead you are typically charged a one-time set up fee and transaction fee which is a percentage of the amount provided to you.
  • Purchase Order Financing
    Purchase Order Financing is designed to provide businesses with the cash they need to fulfill a customer order. With this option, the financed amount goes directly to your supplier to cover the manufacturing and delivery of goods to your customer. The larger the transaction amount, the lower your rates will typically be. You will have a starting rate that is determined during the underwriting process, and after the first month the rate will increase.<
  • Concierge Services
    With so many aspects of running a business being tied into a stable cash flow and your ability to acquire financing, we have launched our Business services group to help give you a leg up. From choosing the right credit card processor to expanding your audience and adding revenue streams, concierge services give you access to tools that can help you grow your customer base, improve brand awareness and improve your bottom-line. All at no cost to you.

About Kapitus

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in NYC, Kapitus is one of the most reliable and respected names in small business financing. As both a direct lender and a marketplace built with a trusted network of lending partners, Kapitus is able to provide small businesses the financing they need, when and how it is needed. With one application business owners can save time and money, while eliminating the stress that comes with applying to different lenders. At Kapitus, we believe that business owners should be able to focus on running their business, while we take care of the financing.

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