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We unlock access to affordable personal loans up to $20,000 to cover whatever you may need. Our installment loan can help you rebuild your credit when you make payments on time. Most lenders don’t understand the potential of the fair credit consumer. At LendingPoint, we unlock access to affordable personal loans at fair rates by broadening decision-making criteria, beyond the credit score. We are making fair, fair again.

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How Our Personal Loans Are Better

  • Get up to $20,000
    Fair credit consumers can access affordable personal loans up to $20,000 with better rates and flexible terms.
  • Simple, Safe and Secure
    Apply and choose your personal loan offer in minutes; secure, encrypted process for providing required documentation.
  • Next Day Deposit
    Once your supporting information and documents are received, funds can be deposited the next business day.

This is what factors into your credit story.
A credit score is a snapshot of a specific moment in your credit story. We look beyond your credit score to see your complete credit story. During the application process, we consider a number of factors to determine your creditworthiness.

    A minimum of 12 months at your current job is a plus
    We're looking for a responsible banking and financial track record.
    Whether you're employed, retired or self-employed, verifiable income is key.
    Recent and current credit behavior that shows you're on your way up.

Better Loans Create Better Lives

Access to money at fair rates through a personal loan can be the difference between moving forward in life or putting an important project on hold. At LendingPoint, we’re in the business of making fair credit fair again by understanding your credit story today and helping you grow financially stronger tomorrow.

How will you use your personal loan?

  • Debt Consolidation
    Shift debt from a mixed bag of revolving credit and other bills to one easy installment loan payment.
  • Home Improvement
    Make necessary repairs, upgrades or create the kitchen of your dreams.
  • Credit Card Refinancing
    See the light at the end of the tunnel with one monthly payment on a balance that only goes down.
  • Plan a Vacation
    Take time for a much-needed getaway. The beach is calling your name.
  • Medical Bills
    Get help with unexpected medical or dental bills and have peace of mind.
  • Repair or Buy A Car
    Fix the one you still love or invest in a new set of wheels.
  • Moving Expenses
    Pay for movers and your friends will begin to answer your calls again.
  • Wedding Day
    Stuck paying for the reception rather than the rehearsal? We can help.
  • Home Appliances
    Tired of calling the repairman? Buy new instead.


Frequently Asked Questions about personal loans, fair credit, and what you’ll need so that LendingPoint can help you apply for and get a better loan for a better life.

Why is my credit score important?
Your credit score can affect the cost you pay for large purchases and important services like insurance. According to, your credit report is much like a report card for adults.

Many lenders, insurance companies and other institutions use your credit score in making loan, credit, insurance and even employment decisions. Because we know that building and maintaining a healthy credit score is important in many ways, we help you by reporting to Experian and Trans Union.

What is a fair credit score?
Fair credit scores generally fall somewhere in the 600s.

Does applying affect my credit score?
Clicking on "Apply" and filling out your basic information (name, address, date of birth, social security number, annual income) to see what loan offers we can provide, does not affect your credit report as we do what is called a "soft pull." A soft pull is a data request that only we can see on your credit report. If and when you do select a loan offer from us, we do make a “hard inquiry” to verify the information you’ve provided on the application as part of the approval process. This hard inquiry will be shown on your credit report.

How does LendingPoint keep my personal and banking information safe?
LendingPoint takes extensive precautions to protect your personal information. We use robust industry procedures and safeguards, including encryption, to secure and protect your personal information. Further information regarding LendingPoint’s security policies and procedures is available upon request by emailing us at

Can I apply if I have a discharged bankruptcy?
Yes, you are welcome to apply. Whether we are able to present you with a loan offer will depend upon a variety of factors such as time since the bankruptcy was discharged, your current credit picture, income and employment, and other items. What information is needed to apply for a loan?
We'll initially ask you for personal information such as (1) name (2) address (3) date of birth (4) social security number and (5) income, in order to see what loan offers you qualify for.

What additional information is needed after I choose a loan offer?
Once you choose an offer, the loan approval process requires additional information such as (but not limited to):
Driver’s license, Bank statements and a voided check, Proof of income

How much can I borrow?
Our personal loans range from $3,500 to $20,000. The loan amount you may be approved for depends upon your individual credit picture and information provided during the application process. Use our personal loan calculator to see, in general, what loan amount and monthly payment may fit your monthly budget.

Do you offer joint loans?
Not currently. We offer personal loans based on your individual credit picture, taking into account only your individual information and income (not joint or household).

How can I use my LendingPoint loan?
For whatever personal expense or purchase you choose. Consider it a debt consolidation loan, a wedding loan, a fix my car or a kitchen remodel loan. It’s up to you.

How long does it take to receive a preliminary approval decision?
Based on your credit picture and the information provided on your application, we’ll return your loan offer(s) in just moments. Once you have accepted an offer we will ask you to provide some additional information and documents. After all required documentation has been received and verified, a final underwriting review and loan approval often takes just a few hours.

How quickly will my loan be funded?
We’ll initiate transfer of the funds into your bank account as soon as the next business day after final loan approval and receipt of all required documents.

My friend received a pre-approved letter, but I did not. Can I still apply?
Yes, your application is always welcome. We sometimes send out pre-approved mailers, but we don’t always get to send them to everyone we’d like to. We make it easy to see what offers you qualify for – just click on the Apply button found throughout our site and follow the simple steps.

How can I access my loan information online?
After your loan is approved and funded you’ll receive an emailed link from with a temporary ID and password to the email address you provide on your application. With this temporary sign-in information, you can create your own personal login credentials so that you can access your loan information anytime you like.

When is my payment due?
Your loan agreement states when your payments are due. Or, you can login to your account at any time and see the next payment due date.

I set up ACH payments when I applied. Do I need to do anything else in order to make my first payment?
No, your automatic payments are set up to debit against the bank account information you supplied us during the application process.

Are all of my payments due on the same date of the month?
Yes, unless a loan modification has been made, your loan payment is due the same date(s) of each month as stated in your loan agreement.

How can I make a payment?
AutoPay: Most of our customers take advantage of this simple, easy option. Typically set up during the application process, we’ll work with you to determine the due date(s) that best suit your monthly budget and cash flow. For best budgeting practices we recommend twice monthly payments tied to your pay or income cycle.

Online: Click on Make a Payment or Login to access your account and initiate payment from your bank account provided.

Certified Funds – such as a money order, cashier’s check or certified check: Payments should be made payable to LendingPoint. You should send the payment to: LendingPoint SPE LLC PO Box 745054 Atlanta, GA 30374-5054

Can I make an extra payment?
Of course, you can make an extra payment at any time using one of the methods listed in the payments question above.

Is there a penalty for paying off my loan balance early?
There are no fees for early payoff.

Can I receive another loan with you if I have an existing one?
Currently, we only offer 1 loan per person at a time.

How do I get my loan payoff balance?
You can find your loan payoff balance by logging into your account.

Do you report to the credit bureaus?
Yes, we report your loan activity and history to the following credit bureaus: Experian and Trans Union.

How can I reset my password?
Contact us at or (888) 969-0959 and we’ll be happy to send you an email with a link that allows you to reset your password. Remember, your login id is the email address you provided on your application.

How can I update my contact information?
You can login to your account information and make updates to your address, phone number and email address.

Can you send me a payment schedule?
Your loan agreement has the payment schedule. If you access the customer portal, you will find your payment information. LendingPoint is a paperless company, so you will not receive paper statements in the mail.

Can I change my due date either temporarily or permanently?
You can make payment due date change request by contacting us at Please notify us at least 3 business days prior to your existing due date. If the date change is permanent, we’ll ask you to sign a loan modification agreement.

Is there a penalty for paying off my loan balance early?
There are no fees for early payoff.

Can I change the bank account from which my payments are drawn?
You must contact Customer Service at 844-885-8713 or We will need you to send in a new voided check.

Can I make an additional payment?
Yes! You can make a additional payment by contacting Customer Service at 844-885-8713 or

How do I get my loan payoff balance?
You can find your loan payoff balance by logging into your account, or contacting us at - Personal Loans Online

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