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With over nine years in the industry, we have developed a great reputation when it comes to our expertise in equipment leasing, financing and working capital, and we will work with you to tailor our services and financial solutions to your specific needs, meaning we offer leases and working capital of anywhere from $10,000 to $10,000,000.
The professionals at US Business Funding strive to help new business owners who are just getting started as well as larger companies that have already seen years of success. Any time you take advantage of our services, you can expect competitive rates, a quick turnaround time, and unparalleled customer service.

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SBA Loans

A small business in today’s competitive environment requires hard work, a great product and excellent service, it also requires capital. This capital must cover an ever growing list of business expenses such as marketing, branding, legal fees, website, inventory, furniture, equipment and equity purchases just to name a few. If you are like many of America’s 28 million small business owners, you probably took out a small business loan from a friend, investor or bank when starting up and recall the limits and restrictions on that capital availability. While brick and mortar banks, and conventional business loans for that matter, are the top choice for most small business owners they are rarely available without substantial collateral and liquidity on the borrower’s part. Conversely, US Business Funding in conjunction with The Small Business Administration (SBA) actively supports small business owners by giving them strong support and access to the SBA 7a and SBA 7a Express program for commercial real estate financing, working capital, debt refinancing and other business related uses.

Getting Approved. How do I do it?
We do not need to inform you that getting a small business loan can be challenging due to increased regulations and ever more rigid approval standards. Since the financial crisis of 2007-08, less than half of small business loan requests are approved, meaning most companies are simply not getting the cash they need to grow. If you have run into a brick wall when trying to obtain cash for your company, US Business Funding has some welcome news! We are fully aware of how difficult it is for small companies to secure funding, and we are here to get you the cash you need to help your business grow as you continue to pursue your entrepreneurial dream. Our team of seasoned processors and account managers will simplify your experience with all the necessary guidance and consulting to start and finish your SBA loan. The first and most simple way to apply for one of our many alternative business loan products is through our website.

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US Business Funding’s free business loan calculator provides you with an instant estimate and you can apply for your loan through our secure website in just minutes. Once we receive it, one of our agents will get in contact with you to help you through the credit review process, so that we can provide you with a decision as quickly as possible. Getting a small business loan from US Business Funding is quick and straightforward because collateral is limited or not required at all and a high personal credit score is not always required. Working capital loans, merchant cash advances, SBA and flexible business loans are the three alternative loan products that we offer. Each of these options can be customized based on the amount of cash needed, and the term length desired.

10 Reasons you should choose US Business Funding?

  • We can get you approved while others can’t
  • Streamlined, fast loan Processing
  • Get your money in 7 Days or Less
  • Easy Application/Quick Credit Decisions
  • Get up to $150,000 with Basic Information
  • Credit lines all the way up to $2 Million
  • Flexibility for More Cash
  • No Restrictions on How You Can Use Your Loan
  • Perfect Credit is NOT Required, Flexible approvals
  • Get your own friendly agent that is here to help

Now that you know how easy it is to get a business loan from US Business Funding, take a moment to complete and submit your business loan application. One of our knowledgeable business loan specialists will contact you promptly to discuss your company’s needs and answer any questions you have. If you then choose to move forward with US Business Funding and your loan is approved, you won’t have to wait long to receive your cash. We provide our customers with funds in seven days or less. US Business Funding has helped thousands of businesses secure the cash they need, know you are working with a company will do everything we can to get you that cash your business needs.

Working Capital

At US Business Funding, we’re committed to offering small and medium sized business owners the financing solutions they need to effectively run and grow their businesses. To help make this a reality, we offer small business loans, ACH products, and lines of credit for working capital.

As business owners are on their road to success US Business Funding can help! If you are a business that is in need of a bridge loan to help with new projects while waiting for your previous jobs or insurance companies to pay you, we can help. If you are in need of inventory for the business and want to leverage capital in order to purchase that inventory at a reduced cost, US Business Funding can help. Many business owners today simply need capital in order to cash flow the business periodically throughout the year, we can help provide you with that capital at a low premium.

Simply fill out one of our short application forms and a member of the US Business Funding team will contact you shortly. Once we have the necessary information about your business, one of our Senior Financial Consultants will reach out to you in order to help walk you through our simple process. Our loan programs vary from as short as 3 months and as long as 10 years with rates starting at 3.5%.


An excellent way to grow your business without significant out of pocket expenses.
We understand that it can be difficult to grow your company if you don’t have enough capital. Even if you offer a successful product or service, at the end of the day you may still not have enough money to invest in the business, allowing it to grow. That’s why we’re happy to offer a solution with our equipment leasing service. When you turn to us for your equipment financing needs, you free up other lines of credit, cash, cards, and more.

No longer will you have to put equipment on hold that could help to make your business even more successful than it already is. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of equipment leasing, we’re here to go over the basics for you. An equipment lease offers several tax advantages, and the entire process is quicker than going through a bank. In addition, you are able to count an equipment lease as a monthly expense rather than classifying it as debt. Most importantly, you will be able to lease 100% of the costs associated with the equipment, including installation and training fees.

Equipment leasing is simply the right way to go for small and medium business owners who need new equipment to further expand their companies.

Types Of Leases
Fair Market Value
US Business Funding know what small to mid-sized companies need when it comes to business financing. Our team offers a variety of special finance programs to help businesses like yours manage cash flow and satisfy their equipment needs. Our solutions are tailored to be flexible for you and whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Dollar Buyout
A Dollar Buyout, otherwise known as a Capital Lease, guarantees that the equipment can be purchased for one dollar ($1) once the lease agreement ends. If you plan on keeping the equipment at the end of the lease term then the Dollar Buyout option may be extremely interesting for you.

Wrap Lease
If you are a current US Business Funding customer and are looking for a new lease with us, we can help you consolidate your payments and save you money both in the short and long run. With a Wrap Lease, we enable you to close your current lease and then move that lease into a new one with financing of the new collateral.

Business Expansion
If you are looking to open a new business as an expansion, then US Business Funding can offer equipment financing. This financing is on an application only-basis and is up to $35,000 for the new location. Some rules that apply are that the new business must be close in proximity and in the same line of business. Current ownership must be the same and that ownership must be operating for a minimum of five years. US Business Funding must be provided with whatever the total financing amount requirement is in order to open the new location. If you are looking for financing above $35,000, it is available. In order to look into this type of financing you must submit a full financial package (all terms are subject to final credit approval). Certain industries may not qualify.

Sales Lease Back
A Sales Lease Back is when you have recently paid cash for new equipment and US Business Funding will offer you cash for the equipment and convert that purchase into a lease. If you have paid for the equipment within the last 90 days then US Business Funding can help you get your investment back. In order to do recoup your investment we allow you to make low monthly payments. In order to qualify you must meet certain credit guidelines and certain documentation (like invoices and proof of payment) must be provided.

Working Capital
Looking for Working Capital loans of up to $25,000? US Business Funding can offer these. This amount can be established with a new lease and Working Capital line. It is important to not that the Working Capital must be needed for the utilization of the equipment that is tied to the lease. If you are looking for a stand-alone Working Capital loan then we can offer amounts of up to $20,000. You must provide personal guarantees and standard credit requirements must be met. If your business has been established for three to five years you can qualify for a line of up to $15,000. Businesses that have been established for at least five years can qualify for up to $20,000. All terms are subject to final credit approval. - Small Business Loans Online

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